vasseur's tresure bugged ?

before yesterday 3 people from my corporation took “le vasseur’s tresure trove” in open space, but when they went to look in their store there was no free container. It happened to 2 of them (they made an incident ticket) and to another person yesterday … who I asked to make a ticket, too. today,  2 more person had this problem… still in our corp ! and no more mono or xeno in stock just to see if they had reward without this bundle finaly …

I suppose, i hope, i guess this tresure is not bugged just for our corp, so you can see that we are not trying to lie, and I hope you are already aware of this problem… Thank you in advance to see if it is possible to do something for these people who were not lucky enough to have this bundle in their store … Maybe the last little update has caused the problem, as it has already happened once (overnight we could not find any more seed chips by killing the pirates, but this was quickly fixed)

Thank you very much for them, and I wish you a happy New Year 2022 ! 

“Le vasseur’s tresure trove” was turned off with tecnical reasons