Variate Guardian Drones?

well… so far i see , seems these drones are armed with Railgun… and obviously, kinetic resist make em less dangerous… not mention enganging range limitation seems only around 3000, make em easy bully for long range railgun and lasers (and they also seems too weak atm for T3 and T4 Ship)

so yea… why not arm each guardian drones with different weapon?

there’s 4 Drones each beacon and should we can make it have :

2 Kinetic Railgun (range 3000, average rof, average damage)

1 drones with plasma cannon (range 1500, rapid rof , small damage)

1 drones with laser (range 4500 , slow rof, High damage)

should those add more spice to the fight, no?

Nice idea I think this will make capturing beacons a little bit more difficult.

also i think we need strenghtened those drones… they start gettin too easy to die when againts T3 and above…

Agreed, it’s too easy just staying out of range and blasting the guardians without fear of them hitting you back!

I do think they must stay as they are for t1 matches, but they NEED to be scaled aside higher lvl players and to be variated.

Get a t3 Fighter and in 5 seconds the guardians are popcorn.

I think it is already planned that they get stronger if there are more higher Tier ships.

So lets say if there is a mix of players between T1-T3 ships the drones should be around T2.

If the players are between T3-T5 ships the drones should be around T4.

wait… there’s TIER 5 already O.O ??? WOOT.gif

wait… there’s TIER 5 already O.O ??? WOOT.gif

Not added yet;)

well… dont tell me that spoiler for next update…seems we gonna get more monster …