Variable Spawns

How many times has a team been completely pinned down within their spawn, or 1 team spawned out in the open while LRFs rained shots at them? Usually this is only an annoyance, but with the addition of 3x damage team death match games this just turned pvp into fish in a barrel. the only way to NOT get 1 hit killed the instant spawn protection turns off is to take a ship that has no hope of dodging said LRF shots, not even destroyers can shrug off more than 7 hits at most, and that’s only if they use static shields and have a large energy supply. 

It’s a pointless slaughter that is too easy to be caught in, all the advantaged team has to do is ignore the objective and settle LRFs at 2-3 strategic points for a long camp while the rest of the team can do whatever they feel like. The entire problem can be negated by having a team’s spawn be able to change positions by about 5k or so in a random direction withing a 10k radius of their original point when 3 team members are killed within 1k of their current spawn point.

Good idea.