UTUGUCBCEpox, a rogue player

this pilot declared war on many corps from my corp SRO, nothing I can do about that as CEO.  Went through this once before in the 8 years SRO has existed.

The Devs won’t or can’t do anything about it. I am not complaining, THIS IS A WARNING TO OTHER CORPS.  Keep an eye out for this rogue player, chances are they will change names soon anyway, but I felt that the warning should be posted.


so to the members of UFO, LUX, 4CB, P2W, XENON, FAITH, my apologies, it is not the practice of SRO to declare war without reason. The wars will reset when SRO runs out of WAR points.


I would suggest in the mean time that you watch out for this pilot, One would think the Developer’s would track this as it is harmful to the game.

How about you just dont give them the permissions to declare war?