Useless Modules

Anyone think some special modules are just useless? For an example, what good does a cocoon do in battle? It makes you useless, and allows your enemy to position them selves behide you. The Empire inty has a good ability, but it is only good when it comes to escape or getting into battle, other then that, its useless. Either I’m not using them right, or they are just a fail. Please help me, I really don’t want to sign a new contract everytime I switch ship types. ( Jericho: fighter, Fed: Inty )

Empire interceptors are godly imo. Their warp drive is suppose to get them in on weak units to take them out asap or out of a bad spot. Ive seen people running more empire interceptors then any other faction, though my sample size is small as its just my games.

emp burst wrecks a team that’s stack on top of the captain.

emp burst is nice when dog fight happen, stop moving for 2-3 sec can mean dead for enemy interceptor. (assume you have teammate with you)

How would you classify each fraction’s intys? (High HP, High Shield, High Speed, etc.) And which inty’s special modules are the best? Im guessing fed.

Plasma web is a weak dot.


If I had to rank the 3 

1. Microwarp engine

2.Tachyon cocoon

3.Plasma web


Speed is king for  interceptors and microwarp allows them to get to nodes/bombs first or out of the area asap. If you don’t factor in the microwarp fed  interceptors have highest top speed. 

When Tach cocoon breaks, it stasis the enemy ships surrounding it for a few seconds, enough time to cloak and run or if the enemy is weakened, finish him off.


And think what happens if you trigger it in front of a bomb carrier or someone chasing YOUR bomb carrier? The whole pack gets delayed, giving your teammates the chance to catch up or your bomb carrier a few seconds to get free.


Web is good for added damage, but its more a harassment tool or a finisher than a main weapon. The theory behind it was actually a beacon capture aid, web an enemy ship and he will not be able to claim beacons for a while.

Microwarp needs to make the player more vulnerable at some point. Right now they can break out of a fight or drop in before any other ship. 

For an example, what good does a cocoon do in battle?


Are you trolling, right?

Ive never seen a cocoon do so much anooyance he didnt got killed, as far for the empire intercpetors, dont forget that all empire interceptors have added damage bonuses …


im empire inty all the way !!

The problem is nobody is actually looking at other statistics when it comes to Inty’s on this thead.  I first went with leveling up my Empire as well and upon reaching T3 came to the realization that the Empire Inty’s pay for their Microwarp drive with actual speed penalties.

Look at the inty’s all across Empire.  The Elf(first t3 inty) has something like a base of 352m/s.  I think it’s actually slower than the Federation FIGHTERS.  The Microwarp drive is great and all, but if you get into the thick of it with someone and you’re going like 150 m/s less than them… you see my point.


Also, the Cocoon is amazing if you look at it from a non-solo and more TEAM oriented view.  There are 2-3 frigates fighting eachother, 2 enemy, 2 teammates and a few fighters all flying around the area.  You fly in with your interceptor, and ECM the biggest threat to your teammates stopping their modules, ect, and then you Cocoon.


A few seconds later and the enemies around you and your teammates are now stuck.  Not moving.  Not doing anything.  Think that’ll turn a fight around real quick?

You continue to capture a beacon while cocooned too.


Where there is often a very, very large furball all around you.


A very large furball of soon to be stationary enemy ships. Do the math.


BONUS POINTS: Cocoon within 2 seconds of your friend, also flying a jericho interceptor, for maximum overtroll. For best taste, drink before emergency barrier pops to protect you from sneaky folk firing missiles timed to hit at exactly when you become vulnerable. Or pop IR flares, if you’re into that. Or vanish. That works too.


disclaimer: Syameimaru assumes no responsibility for deaths to Jericho torpedoes, friendly, enemy or otherwise. Use Bosko Factory Emergency Barriers. BOSKO! Protecting you from your own faction since 2013.

jericho interceptor with stasis generator + ion beam is maybe the most annoying thing i’ve faced, yet.


cocoon = 2-3 sec stun.

stasis gen = 4 sec stun

ion beam = 6.8 sec weapon / module lockout


ARGH!  :lol:

wtf cacoon allows bombs and capture 

op hax nerf plz111

I really don’t want to sign a new contract everytime I switch ship types. ( Jericho: fighter, Fed: Inty )

You’re trolling right ?

I love the plasma we, very usefull to finish another interceptors or block the shield tank of jericho ships

Syam love your disclaimer.

From what I heard, I think I might get a Jericho Inty, Now I have a Jericho inty and fighter. THanks guys!