USB keyboard stops working


A few times now had it that the keyboard won’t allow me to control, can’t chat but tab (to switch to map) does work.  Also keyboard works in all other apps etc. so seems Star Conflict specific.  If looking for pattern think  it might be after SC has run in the background while I do other stuff, wondering if somehow it stops recognising it as input method ? 


Hm, did you alt tab without losing focus? If you got the FPS counter in the hangar active, and it drops to 30-40 fps while usually being higher, you can check for this behaviour; the app is still in front, but has no active focus. Happens to me all the time. Try to hit keys like Alt and control once, alt tab once, etc. while the game is up, to make sure the game doesnt think one of your keys is still pressed or out of focus. The old gamer trick is to press exactly the button once which seems to be stuck for the application, so the application gets a keyup event, if it missed it (which can happen at alt tabs, especially the “alt-tab-click”). It COULD be this. You probably know this effect from games, where you start walking in a specific direction, and try to stop yourself from doing it by pressing the opposite - while the fix is actually usually to press the button for the direction exactly once. same principle.

I would also provide the logs, while you try to reproduce the behaviour, and also, mention your screen settings (fullscreen or windowed fs)

MAybe try to get another keyboard, and try to reproduce it again, just to make sure its not the hardware. But for that you have to have an exact idea to reproduce it on purpose.

I say all this, because your mentioning of one working key basicly rules out recognition of keyboard, because well, one key still works…

I use USB keyboard and there aren’t any problems with it