upgrade bugged

Yesteday i used GS to upgrade my ship     today i logged in and the ship was back to where it was before but the GS where gone …


I bought a few dlc’s  and the artifact scanner i should have but its not visible ingame


Then the mission /quest  get 50 materials   but also that is bugged because i received 40 for doing something and i had 10 already but did not add it as received .

Its hard to put a post at the place i want to because iam not allowed for some reason  .  its not read only … i just cant put a topic there.


I know its all about money but this is getting kind of frustrating to get in contact with somebody .

I wonder if i just wasted my euro’s and time here … 

On 09.01.2018 at 1:57 PM, ApacheDSOP said:

Yesteday i used GS to upgrade my ship

Please, contact to support https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/categories/200005051-Star-Conflict