Updating 3th July 2012. Star Conflict CBT v0.5.0

Version features:

  • Starting today we won’t be providing beta-testers with any free Galactic Standards
  • Considering latest updates we’ve taken the decision to wipe off all the progress from the testers’ profiles


  • At the start of the game you can choose one of four fractions. The choice of fraction defines the passive bonus to characteristics of the player and a starting set of the ships
  • At the start you’ll be given three ships of chosen fraction
  • Contracts are now available. Information appeared at the main interface of the game.
  • New ships of Imperium and Federation with their fraction modifications - Legion, Vardens, Avangard,Armada – are now available.
  • Game’s interface has been reworked
  • Tips screens have been added
  • The sequence of pumping reputation and obtaining new ships is changed.

Contracts: General

  • Contracts are available in the the corresponding tab of the interface
  • Each faction has its own set of contracts, depending on the rank of the player in this fraction
  • It’s possible to take up to five contracts of fraction at once
  • Contracts are carried out automatically, the rewards transfer into players account

Game balance: General

  • Prices have been adjusted
  • Matcmaker has been optimized
  • Prices on extraction garbage are changed
  • Base compensation for victory/defeat is changed
  • Module "Generator Stasis " levels of T1, T2 can’t be detected in the extraction

Game balance:Fight

  • Beginners have separate turn of fights
  • Calculation of efficiency of player’s actions is changed. Sorting of results is made on efficiency points


  • Features of Federation ships: higher speed, less stable cases
  • The Ships of different races have various class modules
  • Fractional modifications have additional features in the class of modules

Ships: Interceptor

  • Federation Interceptors have a class module “Plasma Grid.” Periodically Plasma Grid damages the enemys’ ships and and worsens its fighting characteristics.

Ships: Fighter

  • Fighters of Federation have the class module “Chameleon”.The generator of the optical distortions, allowing to be invisible

Ships: Frigates

  • Federation frigates have a class module “Combat drones.” It allows to produce cover drones following the ship and covering it with fire
  • Frigates of the Empire have the class module “Disintegrator”. The instant impulse, causing great loss to any equipment
  • All frigates now have increased hull strength

Arms and modules: General

  • Modules and the weapon of the same technological level can be installed on the ship
  • The generating and power consumption principles are considerably changed
  • Instead of weapon damage it now specifies damage per second (dps)
  • Module Stabilized platform" is removed
  • The mechanics of restoring modules is processed

Arms and modules: Lasers

  • Lasers got different mechanics of shooting, depending on the type. Standard and heavy lasers shoot continuously, economic and sniper – impulses.

Arms and modules: Fighting modules

  • Duration of action of “Stazis” is reduced

Arms and modules: Rockets

  • Frequency of start NURS-OV is reduced

Control and Configuration:

  • Added game options tab
  • The game settings can be selected by setting the preferred control

Bugs fixing:

  • Fixed display of damage to the ship icons in the menu
  • Fixed bug display damage of the ship that is out of the sight
  • Damage numbers do not appear on the tactical map
  • The overall increase in the stability of the client and server

is this the final wipe out or would there be more ahead

Most likely more.

These games do this so that old bugs are wiped out.

(for instance your old character had a bug hangover so they fix the bug and wipe your old character, that way the bug can’t come back)

Other reasons for wipes is so that beginer bugs (bugs in the Ace ships) can be fixed. You wouldent work on your first ship if you have a better ship. thuse a wipe is used.

(hope this answers your Q :slight_smile:

yeah it does thanks