Updated “tournament”


Pilots! We are happy to present you an updated weekend tournament! Now the tournament will be held twice a week — this way, the players can know where and when the team battles will occur. The ranks allowed for the tournament will always be fixed — from 7 to 9 inclusive. Thus, a larger number of pilots will be able to participate in the tournament: both beginners and experienced mercenaries.

The mode was also changed from “beacon capture” to “team battle”.


We also worked on the mechanics of team matching. Initially, teams will be assembled based on the personal qualities of each pilot. However, after the first battle, the team performance will also be taken into account. The opponent for this team will be selected according to the same parameters. For example, if your team performed well in the first battle, in the second battle you will fight against a team that performed approximately the same in the battle before.


How to participate in the tournament?

In the “Battle” tab, wait for the start of the “tournament” event, which is available on Saturday and Sunday at 16:00 GMT. If you successfully registered for the tournament, all your ships will be blocked until the end of the event.


Each team plays 3 battles. For each victory the reward of each participant increases:

  • 1 victory - 150 gs
  • 2 victories - 250 gs
  • 3 victories - 400 gs