UPDATE: CBT v., May 24th


  • Improved particle effects of energy shields
  • Condensator capasity now depends more on the tech level of the ships than on the synergy



  • Increased max speed
  • Increased Overdrive effect duration


  • Max range of the guns in sniper mode slightly decreased
  • Ammo acceleration bonus decreased
  • Power consumption slightly increased



  • Ammo speed decreased


  • Increased overall damage of the rockets and of all associated modules

Combat modules

  • “Mosquito” and “Stasys Generator” don’t require the target to be on the line of sight but now these modules deal the same cooldown period
  • “Net” system now consumes more energy; its slowing effect was decreased
  • “Sting-EM” system now has active range of 2250m.
  • Cumulative ammo now requires more energy


  • Visual effect of transition from one control mode to another was smoothed
  • Switching from turret mode to regular view should not change the line of sight


  • Fixed some performance issues related to mouse cursor in fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Fixed problems with the intro trailer going on playing with the client window minimized
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the ships to drown in beacon textures
  • Several causes of client crash were fixed
  • Improved some of the sound effects
  • Changed some of the pilot radio lines
  • Made some correctons to the ingame texts
  • Additional logging was set up to maintain more detailed an precise bug tracking

Thanks for the translation.

yay cant wait to see the changes~

*appluad* <3 this game

Dear Friends,

I would ask to be placed in the game more features, different maps, zones of ore extraction, where we could defend convoys Cargo Space.

The Clans could be released …

The truth is that we are bored with the game, we know he is a magnificent PvP.

But we want more fun. It’s getting boring.

Forgive me for honesty.

Good Game to all.

Long live the Star Conflict!



More features will be added on the right time, but first these new features need to be checked. It is better to wait some time instead of suffering from bugs. We are still in closed beta so this means a lot of work. During the start of open beta there will be more fun.