Update 1 Gb 13 July 2012

What this is?

Update 1 Gb.

I see nothing in the Forum on this update.

Why treat betatesters who speak English as idiots?

If the game is only for Russians, let us know soon.

What is this version which atulização is this?


the english patchlog will be posted as soon as it is translated.

If the Moderator does not even know what’s new, something must be top secret

Nah it isnt top secret. I was a little bit busy the last days with university.

This is a direct russian>english translation from Google Translator, but you can have an idea about it. You can find the patch with each update in the doc folder inside the game folder. I think we shouldn’t wait for a translation, I actually hope that in the release of the game the updates will come with its english patchnotes.

Star Conflict CBT v0.5.1

List of changes:

General Changes

* Further development of the visual component: improved mapping of the ships and the environment

* Increased the “lifting” the first choice of the fraction

* Added a mode of learning (for players for the first time included in the game)

* Added a warehouse capacity constraint

* Added ability to change the type of combat slots (select classes of ships that will go into battle)

* Added the ability to complain about players behaving inappropriately

To do this you need to specify in the chat command: / report [imyaIgroka] [Reason]

During the battle for the same person can complain only once

During a chat in a hangar at one and the same person can complain about every 30 minutes

Ships: General

* Put the correct height of the ships at the berths

* Shields of ships of the Empire weakened by 20%

* Fixed a bug with the absence of some ships of the class module

* Reduced damage in collisions for ships technological level of the T1

* Fixed a bug with the understated the amount of energy, some ships

* Fixed bug with incorrect energy recovery from the ships high teh.urovney

* Several reduced overall speed and maneuverability of ships Federation

Ships Interceptors

* Reduced the bonus defense interceptor from explosive damage (of rockets) from 50% to 33%

Weapons and modules: General

* Damage “disintegrator” and “Battle Drone” now depends on the quality of the main weapons

* Decreased the base damage “disintegrator” by 25%

* The amount of damage inflicted by “disintegrator” depends on the size of the target

* Spot hit “disintegrator” reduced

* Now the effectiveness of “disintegrator” decreases with distance (as had other weapons)

* The damage and survivability, “Battle Drone” reduced

* Reduced the damage “Plasma Network” at the low perehvatichkov teh.urovney

Battlegrounds: General

* Pilots otletevshie too far from the place of the main events are considered deserters and leave the fight

* Improved bots, now they are moving properly and enjoy spets.modulyami

Interface: General

* Reworked the “Black Market”

* Fixed display units and weapons, which becomes available with increasing rank of the player

Interface: HUD

* Added the display of information taken in the sight of the guard drones


* For volume control in the options window

* Added option “Auto horizon at rest”

* Addition to stock and repair occurs immediately, without having to call

* Appearance of different screens in the Angara window can be toggled by pressing F1-F4

* Control mode by default “Harassment <-> Free”

Sound and Music: General

* Added new music tracks

* Further development of sound “disintegrator”

* Sound alert for failure of the capture of target

Edit bagov

* “Disintegrator” no longer affects allies

* Fixed updating the status of contracts in the window of their choice

* State of the ships in the hangar properly updated

* Combat drones frigates do not interact with rockets and bullets allies

* Fixed missing sounds and explosion effects for some types of missiles

!Muchas gracias!

nooooo. where is the capital ships :smiley: yeah I know dreadnaught for clan.its released on the open beta ! maybe they add capital ships for normal battle

I dont think so. This game is about strikes, space dogfighting, etc. Capital ships is just an extra, an add-on for clans. I think they could add more roles for new ships, but I don’t believe we will see ships bigger than the frigate in the “normal” battles. Also, what’s your problems with the clans? xD

Im from Turkey and where is the Turkey clans. I only join the Turkey clans.

maybe they add capital ships or cruisers

When the game will launch I suppose there will be the Turkeys too. Or why only a clan for turkeys? you can make friends for all over the world in Star Conflict and your english is good enough for it :slight_smile:

Im from Turkey and where is the Turkey clans. I only join the Turkey clans.

maybe they add capital ships or cruisers

Please dont spam every post about big ships.

okay.add big shi… anyway :smiley:

launcher download speed is so slow!!! my download speed is 40-50 :frowning: I have 8mb internet

okay.add big shi… anyway :smiley:

launcher download speed is so slow!!! my download speed is 40-50 :frowning: I have 8mb internet

This issue is already known.

still got the two launcher issue…

it doesn’t affect the game yet i had to download the patch two times…

it’s pretty weird because there is no difference except the folder name and the additional folder in the star coflict (beta) folder

[launcher.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3050)

you guys make manual patch download with torrent. torrent speed is good