Update 1.0 removed my +200% Synergy booster

Like it told Michael in the Support Ticket here (and who told me to write it in this forum), there was a problem with Patch 1.0 and my booster packages.


Previously to Patch 1.0 on September the 3rd i bought a +200 Synergy/Loyalty booster with a durability for 12 battles.

I only battled 3 of my 12 battles this day and wanted to continue next day. But on September the 4th Patch 1.0 was played on with a new booster system.

My old +200% booster was removed as well as my invested GS points. As Michael tolds, that should not happen, i would like to have a refund of my invested GS points.


Best regards,


Hello, I will forward this, but please tell me your in-game name.

Sorry, i forgot this. :smiley:

My ingame name is my Steam Name, I guess.

I am logged in with my Steam Profile “DarkRuler2500”, is that ok?

I think that will be enough, hopefully you can get your GS back soon.