Upcoming balance changes



Greetings, pilots!

In the upcoming update, we will add more changes to the game’s balance. These changes will concern a number of modules, modifiers and weapons. We invite you to get acquainted with some of the changes before they are added to the game servers in order to prepare for the transformation of the game world.

Please note that the publication of these changes does not guarantee that they will be included into the upcoming update, just as the presence of these specific changes does not indicate that this list is final. However, we plan that the changes listed below will still be implemented into the live version of the game.



Target capture time increased from 1 to 3 sec.



Hull durability increased by 8%.



Hull and shield durability increased by 8%.



Hull and shield durability increased by 15%

The ship’s maneuverability (strafes, turns) increased by 15%

The use of the special module additionally increases the hull and shield resistance while it’s active by 30 pts.



Max. spread reduced to 1.2 deg.

Weapon damage increased by 30%


Disorient gun

Projectile speed increased to 7000 m/s.



Beam thickness reduced to 20 m


Singularity Cannon

Damage reduced by 5%



Damage increased by 10%.


Vacuum resonance laser.

Debuff radius increased to 700 m



Projectile speed increased by 20%

Special modules and implants

“Styx” combat drones 

Object destruction radius increased to 2000 m


Combat reconstructor

Damage reduced from 1800 to 1550 pts.


Vanguard plasma web

Cooldown reduced from 55 to 50 sec.


Condensing crystals

The capsule pickup radius increased from 100 to 200 m.


Quantum jump

Removed a permanent maneuverability bonus of 10%.


Guided torpedo

Increased reload time from 12.8 to 16 sec

Additional damage from the cloud to destroyers increased by 2 times.

Added information about additional damage from the cloud on destroyers to the special module’s description tooltip


Crystal predator

Increased the total repair by 1000 pts. (500 with a penalty)

Total damage (and repairs too) doesn’t take the very first tick into account

Balanced swarm, attack mode: 

Attack range increased to 4500 m.


Special module “Hive”

Rate of fire increased by 4 times

Reduced damage by 4 times for one “tick”

Active modules

Weapon systems sabotage

Previously: Upon activation it becomes dangerous for the target to use main weapons for 6 sec. If the target tries to shoot, it receives 650 pts. of thermal damage.

Now: Upon activation, prohibits the target from using main weapons for 6 sec. If the target tries to shoot (by holding the LMB), it receives 850 pts. of thermal damage.


Devastator beam

The cloud’s active time increased up to 8 sec.

Cloud damage increased by 20%

Module reloading increased to 32 sec.


Waz’Got battle station:

“Ally boost” stage: increases the parameters by 15% instead of 10%

Range increased to 3500

“Induction charger” stage: Energy recovery increased from 70 to 95 pts.

“Prometheus” defence

The ship’s shield and ally’s shield increased to 10,000 pts.


Satellite crystal

Cooldown time increased from 22 to 30 sec.

The maneuverability debuff reduced from 50% to 35%.


Gravitational lens

Setting range reduced to 5000 m.



Now it deals damage to drones, repair stations and other autonomous mechanisms (including the Zeta swarm).


Repair kit large

Recovery increased to 7500 pts. (17 mk.4).


“Supernova” torpedo

The allowed deviation from the course increased from 5 to 8 degrees.


Repelling beam

The maximum repulsion speed is increased by 2.5 times.

Damage increased by 2 times.

Active time reduced to 2 sec.

Energy consumption increased to 1500 pts.


Hybrid missile: 

Energy consumption increased to 1500 pts.

Damage from the missile explosion increased to 3500 pts.

The drone’s rate of fire increased by 2 times (the damage remains the same, and the damage per second will increase by 2 times)


Missile shield

Increased active time to 15 sec.


Swarm Control and Dead Hand

The probability of damage caused by collision has been significantly reduced.


Crystal drone (Thar’ga module)

Range of fire increased to 4500 m.

Drone durability increased by 500 pts. (Mk4 17)



Structure Analyzer

The module’s active range increased to 20 km.


Balanced defence

The increase of resistances increased to 100 pts. (14 mk.4).


Antifriction sphere: 

Speed and strafe acceleration increased by 20% Mk4


Speed balancer

Additionally increases the time before heating the weapons by 30%


Lightweight hull:

Hull durability penalty increased to 7% (Mk4 17)


Engineering regenerator:

Now the death of allies within the specified radius serves as a trigger for its activation.

In-game texts improvements

Projectile irradiator

The range and speed of the pull are now specified.


Iridium Heatsink, Vanadium Shells, Implant 11 -2

Specified the % reduction in time before heating.



The range of the barrier is now specified.


Synergetic disintegrator

Improved the module’s description in the English version of the game (added values of increased damage to destroyers)


Drone operator RepK-2

Repair kit’s active time is now specified


“Stasis” protocol

In the special module’s description, it is now specified that in passive mode it provides 50 pts. of resistance to the shield.


Cruise engine modification and Swiftness sphere

The maximum reduction of maneuverability when pressing the afterburner button is now specified in the description.

The power consumption for activation of afterburners is now specified.


Kinetic supercharger

The cloud’s size is now specified.


Reactor overload

The damage of the explosion after the ship’s destruction is now specified.


Static barrier

The range of setting the barrier is now specified.


Phase suppressor

The damage of the cloud left after the shot is now specified.


Satellite crystal

The projectile flight speed is now specified.


Shroud” power plant

The duration of the created cloud is now specified.


“Kai” fission launcher

Fixed the description: the cloud explosion restores the durability of all nearest allied swarms by 1500 pts.


“Constellation” generator

The cloud’s size is now specified.


Overheating laser

The duration of the weapon debuff is now specified.


Thor systems overcharge

The beam’s damage radius is now specified.


Beam disintegrator

The beam’s damage radius is now specified.


Harvest crystal

Damage to the carrier during activation is now specified.


Jump drive

The duration of the active zone and the duration of the generated cloud at the starting point are now specified in the module’s description.


Autonomous battle station Hammerhead

The time to prepare the drones and charges is now specified.


Spy drones container, Infiltrator crystal, and saboteur drone

The description now indicates that when used on a hologram, it is instantly destroyed.


Emergency jump

Description changed to: When the hull durability drops below 15%, the ship makes a leap on the course, avoiding destruction.


Destroyer energy router

Added a paragraph about the maneuverability increase to the description.


Suppression destroyers
Respawn time increased to 1 minute.


ers Verkürzung der Nachladezeit von 12,8 auf 16 Sek.? müsste das nicht von 16 auf 12,8 heissen?

Da war der Fort-4 Beam endlich mal eine Waffe gegen diese nervigen ECM Jäger und dann wird die Waffe generft aber Zeta die kriegt ständig irgendeinen Buff??? Wo ist da die Logik?

na dass die verfechter der zeta löblinge schon wieder gewonnen haben

Most of the changes are what ever, but the respawn timer is already so long I forget I am in the game. The base respawn time is 30 seconds plus 5 at this time for every death on your team. As it is my fiorst death is already 90 seconds to respawn by the time I die. There has been many times where my respawn time has been about 180 seconds.   If the starting respawn is increased 1 minute plus 5 seconds for every death on your team then I might as well exit game because the game will be over before next spawn.

And another change that is addressing a crap ton of different modules and ships, but the problem (Ellydium as a whole) is just blatantly ignored - lmao, if only, even buffed. Fort-4 is some sort of a competition for Ze’ta in terms of effectivity and efficiency at killing small/medium targets (hell, even frigates somewhat) and would you look at that - getting nerfed first patch after its release. Tai’kin is still impossible to catch if it begins capturing a dread module/PvP beacon  unless  there are several ships with stuns (ECMs, tacklers you name it), not even mentioning that damage wise it is the strongest recon out of them all. Thar’ga combat reconstructor nerfed from 1800 to 1550 and that’s it - that is just hilarious ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) .

Yeah, it is clear that Ellydium is developers favourite horse or something. ![:wacko:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wacko.gif “:wacko:”)