Up with the credit loot

The loot spots after battle are okay but the 1,5k credits is way too low to be considered as a loot spot. Use the alien credit item drops for reference on how to upgrade the current ones to be decent.

Or just multiply all the current loot by 10. That seems fair, as the only “high price” items only drop once every 1,500 loot spots.

they just need to increase the overall credits you get in general.  It’s so dumb that most of the time(especially higher tier) it costs MORE than what you get to repair, especially if you loose.

Down with the credit loot! Do not support creedy kids. Kids have to learn to get along with the money the get or wont become responsible adults. We already get way too much credits. Some people already piled up millions.

Hah, millions, that’s funny.

 i think is one loot of 100 credits 

i am up to add the lost or removed from OS, that crate of 1M credits, and the smallest one from T5 to be 10k credits

ok… i don´t know if i might have overseen something during my whole playtime (551 hours according to Steam) but for what exactly do we need credits aside from a bit of crafting (where gathering the mats mostly gives the amount of needed credits x-times more) or purchasing the 10 mio lucky box or purchasing a new ship (when it finaly is unlocked) or maybe upgrading an item to the next MK level?

Seriously if i wouldn´t spend my 10 mio credits all the time for the lucky box i would maybe have more then 500 mio+ already pilled up cus i simply can´t “waste” them for something else… Sure a R8 dessie might costs 3 mio + (what do i know) credits for the material craftings but in all the time i would need for the mats (alone the monos take the most time cus of 4/day only (cus i simply don´t play SCL for the other 4)) i would pile up more credits then the whole project ever would need… 3 mio credits? ± 6-8 (won) matches for me to have this ammount together already lol.

Sure the credits from the loot might be a joke^3 but honestly i would more like to see them removed entirely and therefore brought back the Iridium loot or even go so far to say with an very slight chance (maybe 1-5%) to find GS (1-10) in them cus with credits i would be able to build a house if i would not purchase the lucky box all the time…

If you want to add credits into loot spots might as well add it right to start at least with 10k or remove them entirely so you get a chance to gain something of actual value. That’s all im saying.

minimal credit loot:


avrage credit loot:


maximum credit loot:


thing are getting realy expensive and yes if you play pvp you’ll loose more money that what you’ve won it’s like you have to spend your own credits to play ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”)

Aside from repair costs there is that credit sink bundle and all inclusive sinks called elly nodes.

8million credits for 500 hull point…

The cost increases as you evolve nodes, but all of them (except special modules) cost the same so you gotta evolve what you consider important first, now if there was a proper way to get the resources…