Up-Voting On the Forums

I enjoy reading good posts and threads.  I figure that everyone else enjoys reading well-said things on the forums.  Why, then, is there a limit to how many posts I can up-vote per day?  I read a lot of posts a day, and I like to up-vote good posts.  I would also like to use your feature of sorting posts based on number of up-votes;  however, the minimum is 10 before it will show popular posts.  Please either increase the limit of up-votes available per day, or decrease the minimum number of up-votes required in order to see a popular post.  Right now, 10 is kind of unrealistic.



Upvotes, with no ability to downvote, are useless


Lol there is a limit?

Bring downvotes back pls

Bring downvotes back pls

Hell no, DON’T bring them back.

Hell no, DON’T bring them back.


why not?

why not?

He is afraid…   of the consequences!!! :005j:

Downvotes lead to negative behaviour or mobbing practices, while “upvotes only” have of course no direct quality value (somebody could get 100s of likes for something stupid, somebody else not much for something smart), but in the end it statistically proved to be more reliable; zuckerberg actually used quite new approaches there.


I enjoy every upvote I get, but never take it too seriously.


The modern approach is to not use downvotes anymore, especially if you have relatively low / segmented population to use it; or use some tracking formula to weigh in the downvotes - it works on sites like youtube, but hardly on forums etc.


I do not need downvote back, never used it, so I downvote all of you downvote fans.

I also saw some poor guys in our forum get downvoted clearly out of “emotional responses” - and even if sometimes maybe deserved - I still pity them.


I would love metamoderation like slashdot tho. CmdrTako to the rescue!


however agreed to topic.

When there were down votes, they were rather abused. Even if what the poster said had merit, people down voted it anyway just because the poster had a bad rep with everyone else. Keep this in mind when talking about bringing back the down votes.

Agreeing against down votes. Up votes should be used to attract attention from devs on important stuff, tho we use it for funny posts too… xD

Downvotes are good if they are limited, very limited. But in cases that needs downvote, we have the report button if it is offensive.


Of course, i miss some punishment for complete and utter stupidity and trolling everyone.


( dont let anyone know, cause i sometimes do that. LOOOOL)

Eh, I don’t care too much about downvotes.  I just think that if the limit is going to be like 5/day (or so), and the forum has a filter for +10, +20, etc but no +5, it’s kinda useless when pretty much every post is below 10 votes…


Get my point?  I just think the limit should be removed or the filter changed.