Unlimited Detail

Anyone else been following this?













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I have followed them roughly, but I am still somewhat skeptical; a) I know people who talk like the narrator and how they sell and hype things, and are even very successful with it, while I also know how much is said, which isn’t really there but possibly could be… b) I know a smokescreen when I don’t see it. c) I do believe them they are really developing a nice voxel engine with procedural voxel generation, and smart indexing stuff behind it to make these beautiful scenes work fluently, they oversell the whole thing as a solution which sounds new, but isn’t, just is very very much work.


Now on the other hand, I know, that even if things are oversold, such a strategy of marketing makes it possible for them to get really smart people working on the problem, and might even allow them to create a really interesting engine, which might give us breathtaking results in the future, especially with VR on the way. But if it is really the “next gen tech of 3d” remains to be seen; especially how they will open the engine upon success, and dare to reveal the technical specs, even if it means, engineers will be disappointed, it’s not magic after all, and might not be as applyable, as they initially sold us.


Clues for such selling strategies, like mocking “statistics”, talking about “less menpower needed”, and “more individual new ways to make money for every artist heart that sees this”, are over obvious. As was the part in the video, where he tried to tell me I see real world pictures, albeit I was pretty sure from the first second, it’s animated.


I am tho curious what games they will develop, and pretty happy you brought up the newest video :slight_smile:

I am probably going to start following them, great detail in games is something that would be amazing for oculus rift. Imagine scanning an entire city, putting it into a game with Oculus rift, make it a zombie survival or something where you’re alone, then add that brain device that you can control a computer with your brain. Or make it an online multiplayer game, even star citizen or something could use this technology.

We’ll see what comes out of their games department.