Universal Mission rank requirement not working

To start this off. I am NOT ENTIRELY sure if this is a bug, or I am just misunderstanding the requirement, but I could not find any where else that talks about this because its rather vague…




I’ve been trying to unlock the Beryllium selection in the “Eliminate 20 ships in any mode” Mission for open space, which is where I usually go to do these things, however it says I cannot select that option because it “unlocks at rank 10” So, after a bit of playing I finally got a rank 10 ship, and the quest still would not update. Do I need a rank 10 ship for that to unlock, or does “this unlocks at rank 10” Mean for something like my player clearance level?
Currently I believe it to be a bug since it doesn’t specify what item needs to be rank 10.



Translation issue - it should say “… will unlock at clearance level 10”

will be fixed