unintentionally spent gs on something on the loot screen after battle

support told me to post here.

Last Tuesday at 16:18

on the loot screen after winning a batttle (pvp) i apparently got something and instead of clicking the option of putting it in storage it spent some of my GS instead. ( lag??? i don’t know) 
this occured between 4:00 pm - 4:07pm (central - Missouri time). ( aug 19th 2014) 
i don’t know what the heck happened and i don’t care about the loot this happened on. 
can you undo this mistake??? 
i don’t care about the loot - i don’t care about artifacts. can you take it back 
and give me my GS back? - so i can continue saving for a ship. 
i can’t believe this just happened.


Last Tuesday at 16:22

i have logged out of the game - it was the last match i had. 

and whatever it was - it spent alot of my GS on it. 
i’m freaking out now.


after waiting for help from support and not playing for 2 days last night i seen that it had to be the put in warehouse GS confirmation option ( this needs to be removed) - or at least a 2 step confirm process that you really want to spend GS on.

[2014.08.19 15.18.19.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8080)

Hei man, happened to me too once. But that’s that i guess. If you unintentionally drop your phone in the toilet, you can’t ask for a refund, it’s your responsability. 


But maybe the admins will be nice about it and refund you, it doesn’t cost them anything. You should probably make a support. 


Good luck!

Back in the dark ages, we didn’t even have a single stage confirmation. People were accidentally kissing GS left and right and none of them got a refund, so don’t get your hopes up.