Uninstall the Game

Hey guys. I installed this game recently, and it’s great and all, but my computer can (sadly) not run it without overheating severely. The point is, I need to uninstall the game and I haven’t been able to find that info anywhere.


So can anyone can give me a clear step guide on how to uninstall the game? Thanks :slight_smile:

Overheating? Have you dusted your computer? By dusting, I mean opened it up, used compressed air to blow out all the heat sinks after removing the fans and dusting them also. Also, does your computer have adequate air flow? If none of that works, take it to a computer shop to check the thermal paste and/or get a new heat sink. Also, have you lowered the graphics settings?


As for uninstalling it:

If you are running Windows, open up the Control Panel, and under Programs click on Uninstall a Program. Find Star Conflict, right click, and select uninstall. Follow the instructions and you are done.


Personally, I would not install in until I had someone computer hardware savy to give the computer a once-over. Also, if your computer is fresh air starved, it will overheat very easily. Make sure the intakes and exhausts are free of obstructions, and the inside is dusted on a regular basis (~every 4-6 months).

Out of curiosity, what computer specs are you running?

Also, if you have the Steam version, open Steam, go into Library, right click Star Conflict, then select “Delete local content”. That will remove the Steam version from your computer.