Ungodly lagspikes During Spec Ops

keep on getting SEVERE lagspikes when the Alien Cruiser activates it’s gravity thing, and it happens to the entire team.  The lag stays anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes, killing everyone in the process.  You should seriously look into this, it’s gamebreaking.  


8 hours ago, Skula1975 said:


I’m sorry, but The fact that there was too much going on TO have time to do all those steps i s a waste of time.  On top of that, it was the entire team in game who had the problem, it was not an isolated incident, and the entire server in global chat was complaining about it.


On top of that, I put enough info for you to figure it out:

  1. the time I posted the issue was the time of the most recent occurrence, because I had just died due to the ungodly lag.

  2. I described the problem

  3. I mentioned the fact that it happened multiple times, not only in the 1 run

  4. The only details I could give was the fact that it happened at the exact same point in the match, when the Cruiser activated it’s stupid gravity anomily generators, and that the time it took to return to normal fluctuated.

  5. Log for combat in the file.

Now for the extra stuff that really isn’t relevant:

  1. Timezone, PDT

  2. Location, West coast USA




we will try to repeat it