unfair tier system for Q

when u fly in a level 1 (t1)  battle u aspect to end up in a battle with ships around the same level (level 1-3 t1)


when I fly in a level 1 (t1) ship I end up in level 4 (t2) battels
this is also the case when I fly in t2 and t3 ships I always end up in a battle with ships 1 tier higher than me
even if I fly in a platoon (as a pilot or a commander) we always end up a tier higher


devs plz fix this bug becals I cant play a proper game with my younger brother (who only has lvl1-2 ships)

How to say it… It’s not bug. Working as intended.

Please add the game logs.

If you fly with your friend who has weaker ships, the system will understand you both have the best ships equipped - so if you bring stronger ships, it will count that he has stronger ships too. And you are screwed. It is not a bug.

It is best that you both have ships of same strength in squad, so you fly your weaker ships until he gets better ones.

That thing is basically mathmatics of this game. Here 1+1 isnt 2, it is 120389719831798172983797, and therefore you should fight and army of blood powered meatgrinder demons.

It’s pretty much like that, indeed. Can replace demons with wolves and bears at your own discretion, as well.

your rank value is the rank of the highest ranked ship in your hangar, plus or minus a small value based on your recent win/loss.  It used to be plus or minus up to two, but one of the recent patches said they messed with the equation to reduce how often low teir ships end up against higher ones.  If you are in a squad it take the highest ranked ship in any of your squadmates hangers.   there may be a wieght to being in a squad as well, but I think that got replaced by putting squads on both sides (which results in larger squads often having big wait times as it try and finds squads to match them agaisnt).



The end result is its not hard, especialy if you are at the ranks near the top fo the teir, to be fighting ships of the teir above, as MM doesnt group by tier, but by a range of ranks, so it may have ranks 3-5 which contains t1 (rank 3) and t2 (rank 4 and rank 5).  However if you pay atention you will note that your team will also have equivilent teired ships. 



Its also possible (or at least it was posible, as I said they have messed with the equation recently so this could be outdated), due to doing very well to have an increase to your effective rank and fight someone who is two teirs above you if they have been doing very poorly (and receiving an effective rate reduction).  All in all though, the only thing it should mean is that you are starting a collectoin of “slayer of immortals” medals.  seriously, everyone dies when you shoot em.

Matchmaker working like a charm. 3 man squad in Rank 8 ships, and ohhhhh, 4 man squad in the other side with over 3.0 W/L, why they aren’t pushed up like the rest of us?


Thats exactly the question i make myself all the time. Even created a post to better discuss the MM discrepances.