Unfair paying methods for Europe user !

Well i just bought some points for 4.99 € but its like a 1on1 trade with USD 4.99 USD is worth 3.671 € even with PayPAl costs included i do not reach the 4.99€ , dunno if thats intended or just an failure of the website script but its for sure unfair .


For example :


The game says : 4.99 USD 

The website says : 4.71 € 

PayPAl says : 4.99 €


4.99 USD are 3.671 € 


In the end everyone from europe is paying way more than those who can pay in USD , and no we obviously can’t change the Currency at the moment .



If this stays than you might never see much money from European players .


Best Regards F4Z3 

Already reported here: http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/16254-1-offer-3-prices-different-prices-on-hp-ingame-and-shoppage/


btw, just use an US or Russian IP, problem solved.

Well they plan to be on Steam, so uh, they will fit right in :stuck_out_tongue:

Or dont pay.

The game is still in Beta, we shouldn’t have to pay to test and participate to the developping of a game

Feyd, that is a bad attitude. they need money to run the game, and people say this often will only cause the servers to get bad (because of no good banwith being bought).


that will cause the game to lag, and die out from its already low population. If anything we need to increase in buying from them, and they should find ways for us to spend more money


(like the project of selling weapon/engine/ship color change).

Devs, do you plan to repair this injustice?

We european players are sick and tired of being taken for fools by the gaming industry!!


I want to support your project, really I do, but it won’t be at this unfair cost.

How can you justify this??

Do you think we will just forget the dollar-euro exchange rate ??

1€ = 1$??? WHAT A JOKE


Be fair, or european players won’t buy much from you and may leave the game massively.

You tend to forget that europeans earn more money than eg. americans. So, it´s not unfair after all, it just feels xxxx for us, that´s it :wink:


if you feel unfair about the priece please contact the yuplay support.