UnderGround Tournament:Champion of Champions Sign up HERE!!!

Please list you corp Champions here,and remember,when the sign up thread is close,that corps champions are locked in…Good luck and Have fun…!!!

Rage is happy to attend with a full set of 3 player

which is 3 teams if I got you correct

btw I will  be streaming the event



WolfPack will be participating in the tournament, our players will be:


  • Astraal

  • OmegaFighter

  • Summit


Looking forward to the tournament !

JungC will participate.



TerraLuX will join the tournament with 3 players :

 - JoGiBaEr777




Contact person by questions : JoGiBaEr777

GoD would send for the Tournament:





I want in!

I want in!


Ask NASA  :crazy:

Ask NASA  :crazy:


What is that?

I want in!

your in… :yes_yes: …

closed,and have room set up in my ts illi.clanwarz.com:1168 and also in the Star Conflict public lobby for contact,Also in Game ATM.And will stay so…Good luck All…

only 16 players?

no russians? :frowning: and where is NASA? (except tillo who seems to be refuting his corp :D)

Was some good fun and good fighting…