Unable to perform operation [NB]

Hello again!


Here is another little thing I do not understand. I looked around trying to figure out whenever it was a bug or something normal. I guess it’s not normal so her it is.


After wining a game, while trying to loot a purple T3 stuff by clicking on it, I received thi message (see screeshoot).


So well, there was something to loot but it didn’t say anything about it. I just pressed the 10% button and got this message.


Wish I helped!


 I had a similar event a week or so ago. In my case the timer run out before I finished looting.

Ive seen this before as well, but it was when my internet crapped out on me while I was looting. Have there been anymore occurances of this happening Aztarius?

I get it every so often, and I do extract and get the loot.  I check the mail and it’s there.

Ok, so basically it seems to be lag based, but you dont actually lose anything?

It’s lag,  game thinks that you want to extract point that you already extracted. Loot should be visible in score table after match.

It happens to me some, but my mouse has done something similar on other sites: I only click once, but it registers as a rapid double-click.

I’ve started having the same issue with my mouse, and it’s not limited to SC.  Maybe we’re just encountering a race condition.