Unable to Log In via Directly Launching Application

  1. Today I tried logging in to Star Conflict by directly launching the client, but was given the message: Access Denied.

  2. Self explanatory, but I am unable to play the game without Steam

  3. Bug occurs any time client is directly launched instead of through Steam

  4. See above

  5. N/A

  6. Not applicable, as other pilots on other computers have the same issue

  7. Screenshot of message on log-in screen: 

0YcY8kE.png?18. Log not needed, as this issue is server-side. (If logs are required for some reason, let me know)

Its everywhere, Just checked the Russian Forums and they are lit up like a Christmas tree.

I run this through steam, try looking into:


Did you try launch Steam client without Steam?

If you want to play without Steam, you should use launcher from game site. Also, you should have gaijin.online account. 

You can link the Steam account to gaijin.online account.

Call to support for more information.