Unable to Connect

Hi, I have just returned to Star Conflict having tried it a while ago and not gotten deeply into the game. Was really enjoying it, until today when I suddenly started getting connection errors which tell me I was unable to connect into the battle (PvP, PvE or Co-Op… happened with them all). My ships are all tied up “in battle” but I cannot seem to connect, even if I try repeatedly.

Internet connection is fine (I am typing this whilst I am “unable to connect” in game). 

Looking at forum, this seems to be a common problem, but I am wondering whether this relates to recent Internet issues or is this a know problem in game which I have not come across until today? Has basically stopped me playing for the past hour (not a good use of Premium license time that’s for sure).

Is there something I can do to confirm the error or just wait to see if the problem (whatever it is) goes away?

Thanks for any guidance