Unable to change what I queue for?

Hey everyone, newb here


I recently started playing SC and have pretty much been duoing pvp/pve with a friend of mine. Right now I have quest (Tron 3.0) that is telling me to queue up for any PvE mission. My problem is when I click the launch button it puts me directly into a pvp que and after looking around online it seems that a screen is supposed to pop up and you choose which to queue for? I’m not sure how to switch over to a PvE queue, have i failed to complete/unlock it? is it because I’ve sent 3 of my ships away on a 5 day mission (Empolyer ‘Mendes Family’)??


Why can I not change what game type I queue up for when I click launch?

Click on the small button to the right of the Launch button.  You should get a pop-up window with the Invasion map, as well as a list of PVE missions down the left-hand side, in increasing order of tier.  They changed the system in the last patch.

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Like millanbel explained, the button on the right next to launch, here is a screen shot to help you out  :slight_smile: