Unable login troght steam

I download the game by steam, after download i starte the game and the screen login appear like this:


How can i login in the game without insert my nick and password?!?!

I think that it was automatically sincronized with steam but when i click on button “LOGIN” the error is this:



“Unable to perform operation”
“Unable to connect to server”

In the option ther is no option that let me login in an other way. 


Can someone help me? Thanks!!!

you can play it without steam  :fed001:

Ok, i download the game out of steam (by the site) this night. Some problem. Now i can insert my mail and password, but i can’t connect to server. “Unable to connect to server”

The game has request permission trought the firewall to go on internet, I allow this.

This happened to me. I forget what i did, but i think i might have flushed the dns cache and rebooted my computer. 

Thanks for your help. I try it now but nothing. Stil Insolved.

I didn’t do this, but try it anyways.  http://steamcommunity.com/app/212070/discussions/0/846946588493642085/

WAAAAIT a second. i might have tried running the game as admin. 

Thank you for your help!!! I follow the guide and now IT WORK!!! A LOT OF THANKS!!!