Typing Bug

not sure if it has been brought up or if it is just me but having an issue where the active text box eg. add friend, change name, create Corp any box that you can type into

seems to constantly lose cursor and wont allow input i think it is caused when ever there is a chat in the game chat section it jumps out of the active window but could be wrong 

and i apologize for my bad explanation.


that’s still in? yeah its a known bug. be happy you weren’t here during the steam day one spam-a-thon.

Yeah, it came back, can’t “ignore” the spammer… virtually impossible to add someone spamming.

Tealc is right.


If you are not typing in the chat window, then the window in which you are typing loses focus whenever someone else enters something in the chat window in the lower right. In other words, whenever anyone types anything, the chat window gets focus. To test this, right click to report someone and select the details text entry field. Watch the blinking cursor and watch the chat window. Whenever someone types something, you’ll see the details field lose focus.


The same occurs when you try to add someone to follow or to ignore, and you are trying to type their name into the text entry field.


Summary : The chat window steals focus whenever someone else types something.