Two Ridiculously Lucky Kills

My first star conflict video.



  • Blind torpedo hits one ship off screen to low right and soon after another hits one more. probably my luckiest moment in the game to date. (disclaimer: I am loud and obnoxious on teamspeak)


  • We promptly lost the match =)


These shots are so lucky I am beginning to suspect these two took a dive because they pitied us.




  • Don Lammergeier


Corp. Leader

Birds of Prey

They died because of NaturalCauses. (Sorry, I can’t resist.)

Why you kill a NASA pilot? What they do to you! 

I’d say the last one was more lucky than the first, but this kind of stuff happens all the time…so overall, I’d say kinda lucky lol

Now, if u won the battle that would be lucky lol ur team was barely holding on with 1 beacon while the enemy team had 3 beacons with drones, but u still could have won. What if the enemy team decided to self-destruct all their ships? The chance of that is not even 1-1million but its possible

Why you kill a NASA pilot? What they do to you! 

Yo RicePirate is TOOO GOOD! he must die! =) =)