Two PvE issues

| Error report |
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• [Executor] [Cluster missile] special module does not deal damage to cruiser main object via direct hit or cluster hit.
• Escort 3 cargo ships in Ellydium Raid. Does not give Defeat screen when two cargo ships are lost until the final cargo ship has docked - it should give Defeat screen as soon as second cargo ship is lost.


What you expected to see



• [Executor] [Cluster missile] will deal thermal damage to Cruiser
• Defeat screen will show as soon as 2nd cargo ship is destroyed.

| Conditions in which error reproduce |



• Play PvE missions with cruiser (Defence Contract, Fire Support)
• Play Ellydium Raid

| Problem details |



• Problem with Executor was not present in an earlier update.
• Cannot comment on the cargo ship issue as I seldom lose in this way.

| Frequency of reproduction | frequent |
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