Two different types of Alien Composite blocks

Duplicite alien composite blocks, only one usable.

There are two nearly identical types of alien composite blocks in my inventory. One is type: Rare resource , other type: Part.

Rare resource type was obtained from Conquest and Mysterious caches. Now the big issue, only one of Part type are usable in ship construction. Which means that every piece I scavenged or won from conquest is absolutely useless. Something else to help figure out where issue in database is: Rare resource has sell price of 3500 , while correct one has sell price of 15 000. Please fix the issue and if the fix wont merge stacks or make unusable stack usable, I would like to ask for compensation, that’s quite a bit of Alien blocks I got that I can’t use.

Ah someone else that noticed, I posted about that on forum (different sub one tho, cuz I didnt know if it was bug), no-one replied there. Lets hope that they fix it

We know