TV Tropes page?

So I’ve been a longtime lurker of TV Tropes, usually browsing via the Random button when I have spare time with nothing else to do with it and I was thinking that it is odd that the site has a page for Gaijin’s other game, War Thunder, but not for Star Conflict. Now TV Tropes is a wonderful gateway site, a lot of people find cool things they like by just browsing around for long enough and I have no doubts that a Star Conflict page might get a little more traffic our way and a few more players to boot! Problem is, I still have no clue how to start a page on TV Tropes, otherwise I would of tackled the project on my own.

Would be a nice side project, comparable to the wiki, but much more informal and witty in tone and much more accessible. I know for a fact I’ve gotten into a lot of things by having a trope page pique my interest.

Got the opening blurb going along with a smattering of tropes to get the page started, now it needs to be populated with tropes, and all that other wikimagic.