An in-depth tutorial would be fantastic, i’d love to learn how i can have people shoot at me for almost 2 minutes straight in a med ship with a rapid-fire railgun with using the special module 2 times and never be able to damage me. i’ve seen in a few times now, once while the person i was shooting at was sitting still. i can eat through their shields but never take a hull point off them. people hit me with a railgun from 8-10k away and kill me in 3 vollies. last instance i must have hit them with 400-600 vollies and nothing, not damaging them and them repairing simply do damage done. i have that same t3 heavy and could never take the beating i laid on this person and i have all the best equipment available to me and all my skill trees are over half filled up.

Thanks for the feedback. Something like a tutorial is planned but I dont know when it will be released.