Have tried the game twice, and found no Tutorial maybe I’m looking in the wrong place or maybe it’s high time for one. At the moment I am put off playing as I do not know how to, and the fact I was unable to choose the faction I wanted.

So if there is a tutorial out there can some one please point me in the right direction.

no tutorial yet

faction not available yet

but you can find the manual here: http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/6346-manual/

The game is still in its Closed Beta Testing stages, so many of the fluff and frills haven’t been added yet. As of right now, the developers are more focused on working out all the kinks in the game, and trying to balance everything out, rather than focusing on the little things such as tutorials. Im sure if you read the manual, it will give you a good idea of how to play.

Use W and S for forward and backward, A and D for side to side flight, Shift key for thrusters. There are three types of weapons with many variations on each. Railgun: More damage to hulls less to shields. Plasma Guns: More damage to shields, less to hulls, and Lasers(Thermal Damage): Normal damage to hulls and shields. In game, Q and E are barrel rolls, usefull for evasion, R targets the enemy your cursor is on. Once targeted, shoot at the white circle with a dot in it that seems to be coming out of the enemy ship. The white circle is the target guidance, or as i like to call it, Santa’s Little Helper, that tells you where to shoot at. To shoot, use your left mouse key for your main weapons, left mouse key to fire rockets. There are 3 types of ships, Interceptors, quick little ships with low firepower, but hard to hit. Fighters, medium ships with medium speed and firepower, and Frigates that are slow as mess but can tank like a boss and do some real damage. The ‘F’ key is used for your ship skill. Interceptors as of right now in the Legion Faction have a flash jump that shoots your ship 10km-15km away, useful for getting across the map, or getting out of fights in a hurry (bugged as of right now), Fighters have a berserker mode that increases speed and fire rate of the main guns, and Frigates have a sniper mode that increases damage and range of your weapons. The f1-f4 keys are used for your weapon mods in game, such as switching from 5% more damage mod to a 100% faster shot flight mod. The 1-4 keys are used for your active modules, such as hull and shield repairs and electronic warfare modules that disable enemy ship system functions. There is also a skill tree that you use experience gained through battles to increase ship stats, or decrease mod cooldowns or increase mods’ effectiveness and much more.

That is just a quick rundown of how the game works. Ive left out many, MANY things, however once you start playing and you get the hang of it, i am sure that you will find out what other wonders this game has to offer.

Anyone else reading this please by all means reply to this with any other helpful tips that i may have left out! Dont let lack of knowledge turn this player off from the game, help him out!


/fixed and closed.