trophy parcel shows NO DATA on certain Premium ship parts

Bug report:

What happened?

My cargo space is always at 1500 cargo slots now.

Because of this, I get Trophy parcels.

Problem is, that ship part icon was not properly displayed. The slot shown in the parcel had “NO DATA” slot shown instead of the component picture.

I was using rank 8 ship.



Notice: Check for other ship part icons. They could be having the same problem.

If anyone spotted the same issue, report it here.

xD first world problems

2 hours ago, Papitas said:

xD first world problems

Bug is a bug. Needs to get fixed, no matter the relevance.


On 7/25/2016 at 0:41 PM, Skula1975 said:


Maybe it’s for ship parts (which are monocrystals, if you have all prem ships), or maybe it’s for monocrystals.