'Triumvarate' Hologram, and Hologram broken with patch 1.6.1c

‘Triumvarate’ Hologram, and Hologram have broken with the patch today.

‘Triumvarate’ Hologram applies to the ship Swarm and Premium equivalents.
The cooldown on both these modules has somehow become linked, and you can only activate one or the other. Also after activation Holo-ships no longer fire upon enemies (They always have with missiles, rarely from patch to patch I see them fire main weapons).


It really sucks, the swarm (until this) was my favorite ship to play with thus far, so I went a bought a Deimon, and now their “special thing” is busted.

If someone could put this back to the way it was 3 hours ago, or fix the messed up cooldowns and non-firing AI I would really appreciate it.




They changed it that modules with similar effects will have a shared cooldown, due to spamming in most of the cases, holograms don’t fire their main weapons but they fire missiles.

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