Tremendous amount of synergy yeld

  1. I have had the first victory today, and even during the battle, I realised there was just too much synergy flying on the hud from kills. Then I checked the after-battle leaderboard to find out I got astonishing 1,5kk synergy on TWO ships I’ve flown during the battle and 400k free synergy.

  2. I expected to get max 20k free synergy and 150k max on the ships.

  3. I have license, I also opened 25%+ bonus on synergy from the free daily container and it was the first victory of the day, so 100%+ on synergy. Nevertheless it would have need to be more than 2500%+ bonus to get such amounts of synergy.

  4. Already described

  5. First time this happened, someone told me that this happened a week ago, though no one reported this bug. This is a bug as any other, and should not be exploited.

  6. fAQipHw.jpg

  7. about 16:00 CET

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