Trapped inside of a Hab module

I was derping around in New Eden, going 700m/s in my GE when I rammed one of the habitation module shield things and phased right though it with extreme hull damage. I got some nice pics~









Had that a long time before you with LRF, hah.

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That’s when you really realise how big our ships are…


Can you do the same in the *ahem* cannabis plantations?


wow.  Id love this.    !!!  Id use it park and take a nap and keep the game timer running…


I already know that come time to exit and replay I could just Save and log back in and be placed in the sector again…to get out.  

Then come time for another nap, go park again.   Where is this?  New Eden ya say.   (sets a waypoint for New Eden)    


I cant believe you located your own private little hanger and posted it to the Forum…hahahaha    

That and Cargo Drones and one could live out there for weeks before actually redocking.