In away this is a formal protest against the new trade system you are implementing tomorrow , for years us top players have been stiffed at every opportunity from resources being slashed  capped and taken away… the new trade system once again penalises anyone that works hard grinds a lot and trades… if I trade average 20k a week and lose 50% 10k gs a week by the end of the year I will have lost 520 000 gs to put it bluntly or over 1000$ to buy in shop …with the insane cost of the r15 zeta(currently around 500000 gs) for rank 15 alone you are really making an insane move why should I have to grind for hrs and hrs playing to make gs when you gonna take half of it away …  theres a lot of us feel this is the final straw this is almost a retro game now in the games world, im certainly not gonna be playing hours and hours for you to tax it at that rate theres better games out there that cost less to play now

You are not suppost to grind for hours and hours! Get a real life job, work 1h, transfer that into the game and in comparison you will have far more in game value than you can grind in 1h. Do the math.