Trading system improvements

Trading system in current state is not working properly. Instead of setting own price based on how bothersome parts are to get, market chat is flooded with absolute minimal prices. Because minimal prices are set in stone with a tax, amount of gold circulating in system is always getting down. Maybe its good for devs, but not for players and discourage any further purchases because players are always in loss.


  1. Remove minimal price. It should be up to players what price should be depending on rarity of item. There would be people that would always try to lower the price, but after market stabilisation the prices will smooth out.
  2. Allow resource exchange and item for item bargain. Quite self-explanatory, there should be options to bypass the grind by paying other players to do that for you. That would also give chance for OS to be more worthwhile to fly for. Tax here would be credits based on selling worth in warehouse.
  3. Tie amount of trades per day to max rank. Allowing 15 trades per day would not hurt, also allow for next points in this list. Encourage people to advance further in the ship tree.
  4. Add more blueprints. Make existing blueprints worth to build.  Craftable items should be worth to invest your resources for. Current Mk.5 are not. Instead of tiny amount of effect they give, make them to be alternative versions like pirate modules are now or with new effects. Passive modules can also be here like Crystal Plates. Unique ammo. Unique modules avaiable only for certain ships.
  5. Add craftable items that alter appearance of ships. People like their ships to be pretty. Unique paintjobs, premium-like auras, model-altering decorations. All can be bought directly from store, or assembled from parts.
  6. Add some more GS sinks.  People need have things that they can spend their GS for. I guess further increase amount of possible customizations, even something extreme like private hangar with alterable things and decorations inside. F2P players really like customizations.

Tax subject is debatable. Ideal solution for players would be completely replacing GS tax with credits but devs would rather not want that. No GS tax would also allow for freely prices increase, due to no loss in transaction.

Examples how to diversity blueprints

  • Assault rails - increased damage, reduced projectile speed
  • Beam cannon - decreases hull thermal resistance for set duration, decreased crit multiplier
  • Plasma gun - increased damage against hulls, decreased damage against shields
  • Ion Emitter - reduced resistance breaching, increased time to overheat
  • Singularity cannon - increased sphere radius, reduced rate of fire
  • Coil Mortar - explosions radius increased, decreased crit chance

and so on…


  • Spy drone - deals damage or blinds target for few seconds after shaking off, reduced regen penalty and active time
  • Microlocator - stealths allies for 2 sec upon destruction or active time ends, with active time reduced.
  • Parasitic remodulator - shield regen is reduced after effect ends, shield transfer speed reduced.
  • Hologram - adds another hologram, hologram health and active time reduced.
  • Target Painter - target also cant become invisible, energy per second increased.
  • Engine suppressor - range speed penalty decreased, also affect maneuverability.
  • Inhibitor Beam - reduces damage to the user, range decreased

and many more.