Trade Prices

Really now…are we the player base trying THAT hard to completely kill this game ? Screenshots speak for them selves and despite the fact that the asking price is within the game’s Trade limits, I’m wondering…How can someone be asking for $50 for a virtual rank 11 part, and its not even the whole of it…

Min selling price, for some should be as is, imo for some items the 300 GS min limit is way out of reality. The max selling price is 20,000, and the player in the SS is asking for the max, is way too high as everything in Trade is not a full part but components of a part. The game it self should not hope that the players will take in mind the low numbers we have atm and will not consider selling at low prices just help others and ultimately fortify the player base, but everyone will run to earn a quit buck TODAY regardless what will come tomorrow. These players cant think that at some point will no longer have the game to sell and earn GS [to enhance their game play] and only think about is right now ! Hence, the game should make as soon as possible some adjustments in the Trade, things are getting out of hand.

Yesterday, and unfortunately I did not take a screenshot of the convo, I asked for an item that 3-4 players had an add and were selling for 100 GS. Few seconds after I posted my request to buy, a player send this item to me asking for 500 GS. Luckily, and after I got ripped off I’m looking VERY carefully what’s in the mail and saw the price 5 times higher than the others. I couldnt help my self and whispered to that “skilled” seller asking WHY he tried to sell me an item at a price 5 times higher, although was not shocked by their reply, I couldnt stop the feeling of anger. He said to me straight forward, "well, it worthed to try " !

Good God, if that aint toxic community, then what is ?

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Well when the drop chance for an item is 0.00001%, then players will charge accordingly.


I’m not saying it’s right I’m just saying that’s what’s going to happen when the devs make it impossible to get certain items.

Why make them that rare to begin with? Its kind of like the hotdog dilemma. You buy a 8 pack of hotdogs but have to buy 2 6 packs of buns even though you only need 8 buns. Its a rip off marketing scheme that is very frustrating.

8 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Well when the drop chance for an item is 0.00001%, then players will charge accordingly.


I’m not saying it’s right I’m just saying that’s what’s going to happen when the devs make it impossible to get certain items.

Yes…I see what you mean, I should have included in my post that this so called “rarity” - and we all know there aint no such thing but its programmed that way - should change and that is only from the game’s side.

But they’re not going to change anything. If they do change something, it will just make things even rarer.

Thats how the devs work.

The real question for me is, did this AndyMB guy found a buyer for his product? Coz if he did then the problem with this broken Trading system is waaaay deeper…nuff said.

If you see crazy/shameless prices like that just don’t buy. End of story.

And before you ask me why the Trading system is broken I tell you right away that the gambling nature of getting items out of Containers is dead wrong. I don’t like gambling in real life and I sure as heck don’t like gambling in-game.

I have stopped spending my precious Iridium on these boxes long time ago (with a very few exceptions). I know other ppl who have stopped spending Iri too…how the Devs feel when a certain aspect of their game is not used/enjoyed by their player’s base…

Blueprints, components etc. should be given to players according to their rarity? Ok let’s say yes, then the rare items should be like 800 Iri each, not so rare 500 and common 300 or something along those lines. And more important is that the players will have the ability to get exactly what they want and not ending up with 10 or 15 Assault rail guns Blueprints that they’ll never get rid of no matter what.

And even if they’re in a hurry or don’t have the required Iridium then they could buy the Blueprint for a reasonble price because a player who’ve spent 800 Iri for a rare item don’t think he’ll be shameless enough to post it for 20k.

Just please stop this gambling madness coz the next price we might see for a Gravi thingie will be 40k plus.

I guess that 20k price tag was a (sarcastic) joke…