Trade prices?

quick question. I don’t wanna get scammed for super cheap nor do I wanna sell too high for things.

so im asking. do we have a proper pricing table and how expensive we can get them sold for? Gthardu rank 15 blueprint I got offered a mere 200gold standards… im unsure if thats considered alot or not.

Just wait until prices get stable.

So far by my experience every BPC has been worth 150-300, and dart/gargoyle activators ~2000

I sold all my activators for 550 GS each to NASA corpmates.

2 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

Just wait until prices get stable.

they won’t. Not with the current trading system.

The resources generated changes every weeks. 

It’d be cool if you could just post items for sale, people can watch a list and grab the cheapest one. That would generate a stable market eventually and lets people evaluate offers whenever they wish, of all available. And keep the current system too for trades between friends. 5 a day limit can be kept too.

To avoid a bit of it I just change the price depending of the blueprints ranks like:

7-9: 230-250

10-12: 300

13-15: 500

Of course the rarest items cost a bit more, like “reserve generator” even if it’s a r10-12 blueprint i’ll sell it for 500. This seems faire to me ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

The “problem” on player driven markets economy systems is that it simply never will give an stable market price. The player who has a rare part that no one else has can make the highest possible price and keep this until another player has the same item and wanna sell it for less.

Sure there are moment where the prices will fall if enough players get the item that normaly can be sold for good prices due of rarity and stuff but a stable market will never appear on this game cus the supply of new items is pretty limited per day (depending on luck and circumstances 1-3 crates/day) + that certain items are already “flood” the market so that they are “worthless” anyways.

In the end this is a reason i never like these player driven systems cus the rich get richer and poor stay poor. Anyhow if the market will see some more changes depends on Gaijin and how much they consider player feedback and suggestions (like the one i made 1 day after the market update).