Tournament videos Bygyrd 3TN, semifinal, final combat voice record

Internal Security Department (ISD), was stamped “Top Secret: for internal use only” status on videos with combat voice record contained

Request was sent to ISD to lift the secrecy and provide the common access.

ISD responded:


ISD is lifting secrecy status of iBalrog’s flight recorder data

Permission granted to provide the secret tactical negotiations: the semi-final and the final battles.

Stamp: P6yZ9lXSa7.jpg   Sign:             w74fDSn2Gx.jpg           Head of ISD:  Pandorych




Happy watching:

Semifinal Bygyrd 3TN vs DNO & Co :


Final Bygyrd 3TN vs ESB :



P.S. (video is from internal ESB archives, so it is possible to watch only using these links. Turn off the family filter if it pops up.

P.P.S. Russian speech, sorry. May be someone will put subtitles

thank you for the share guys.