Tournament T3 Cup - missing window (subtitles only)

Bug report:


1.) T3 Tournament Cup display is “sometimes” missing a graphical display window. Only subtitles are visible (Tournament, 7-9 and the cooldown clock).

3.) It usually happens, when you first loging each day, to get the daily bonus.

4.) Just a missing graphical window.

5.) Hard to tell. Sometimes it is constant, sometimes it isn’t, but it usually occurs after daily login. It could be random, though.

6.) Screenshots are provided below. Logs are not needed, since this issue is widespread. Screenshot 1 shows the occurence of this bug. Screenshot 2 shows the normal indicator.

7.) Irrelevant for this issue.

8.) Not necessary.

9.) Not related.

10.) Not related.


6.) Screenshots: (2)

Screenshot 1: (visual bug)


Screenshot 2: (normal conditions)




Thank you,  Skula 1975

Logs needed

Logs needed

No problem. You will get them.