Tournament 'Old School'


Format : 8х8, Best of 3

Tech level : 7-9 Ranks.

Teams : 16.

Date : (January 28-29) 15:00 UTC

Tournament Grid  - single elimination;

Maps : Devils Jaw, Threshold, Lava Spines, Northern Mining Startion, Destroyed station

Game mode : Capture the beacons.


1.Tech level: 7-9 ranks

  1. Friendly fire enabled.

  2. Destroyers, Ellydium ships (as welll as their weapons and modules), all craftable ships and special modules (Archelon, Nightingale, ‘Phoenix’ drones, ‘Styx’ drones, ODG ‘Mantis’, ‘Bastion’ shield), craftable combat drones, Cruise Engine Modification, Energy converter, Reverse Thruster, Shield Sync, Amplifying Shields, ‘Nailer’ Gun, Tractor Beam, Regenerating Shield, ‘Harpoon’ Plasma Launcher, Flux Phaser, Phase Suppressor, Mass Accelerator, craftable and event weapons and modules are forbidden.

  3. Мк.5 weapon, Мк.4 ammo and Мк5 modules are allowed

  4. Being late for more than 10 minutes to the match means the team receives technical defeat

  5. For contract match, both teams will be disqualified and excluded from participation.

  6. The team is responsible for any problems with connection to the match («Disconnected» state) – match will continue, except p.8 cases.

  7. If the pilot is disconnected before the battle or during first minute - the team can make a request about restart of the battle with the replacement of the pilot.

  8. Replacing \ add players after the registration is forbidden.

  9. All other rules stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In contradiction of the general rules and regulations of the championship - the priority considers the rules of the championship.

  10. For incorrect behavior, namely objectionable remarks against the other teams, administration, streamers, or commentators - the player warning is issued. If a second warning is given the player is suspended from participation in the championship, and then the team plays less numbered before the end of the championship.

  11. The server is selected be the administration with the best possible rates for the teams.

  12. The amount of ships equipped - from 1 to 4.

  13. Allowed to assemble a team of players from different corporations.

15.The final decision on any dispute is made administration.


Additional information:

  1. Battles of every stage are held separatele

  2. With the 16th team in, the registration for the tournament is considered closed.


Registration blank:

  1. Team’s name.
  2. Captain.
  3. Team line-up: 8 pilots (captain included) + reserve (up to 4 pilots).


The Rewards for Winners:

1 place - 120 Xenocrystalls for each pilot

2 place - 80 Xenocrystalls for each pilot

3 place - 50 Xenocrystalls for each pilot

Rigistration on Russian Forums

[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32557-fan-tournaments-discussion/)

The First day of Tornament is ready to begin! Today at 15:00 UTC!

Tournament Grid


Matches recordings:

Graduates` Meeting vs Palochnick 1/8


Random Squad vs Graduates` Meeting 1/4 

The Finale of “Old School” is here! Today at 15:00 UTC!


Matches: 13,15 Fedman47 and Mzhelskii

Matches: 14,16 Natival and ShiningLight

Enjoy, mercenaries! :wink: