Tournament 'Old School T4'

"Old School T4" Tournament.


Battle format: 8 vs 8.
Tech level: ships of rank 10 - 12 .

Number of teams: unlimited.

Tournament goes in two stages - group stage and play-off.

Group stage:
group consists from minimum 4 teams, each team plays 1 battle with each team in their group.
Points assigned are: 3 for victory, 1 for draw, 0 for loss.

Play-off stage:
single elimination (team must win 2 times to proceed).

Tournament date: 11-12 march 2017, 18-19 march 2017, battles start at 15.00 UTC.

Maps: Devil’s Jaw, Threshold, Lava Spines, Northern mining station, Destroyed station, Pandora anomaly.

Game mode: Capture the beacons.


  1. Ship of ranks 10-12.
  2. Friendly fire - on.
  3. Destroyers, Ellydium ships (as well as their weapons and modules), Dart and Gargoyle ships, 
    craftable Attack drones, “Doomsday” missile, Cruise Engine Modification, Energy converter, Flux Phaser, Proximity mortar, Phase Suppressor, Mass Accelerator, Extended Hull, Spatial Scanner, Gun adapter, all craftable and event modules and weapons are FORBIDDEN.
  4. Mk.5 weapons, Mk.5 modules, Mk.4 ammo are ALLOWED.
  5. Team failed to enter lobby in 10 minutes after being called, or non-present team gets technical defeat.
  6. For “contracted” battle (“loss on purpose”, “pre-arranged battle” etc.) both teams will be banned from tournament no matter the stage of it.
  7. If player drops from the game - it’s team problems, battle continues unless conditions specified at p.8.
  8. If member of a team is not present within 1 minute from match start (dropped from game, failed to enter the match) - team can request to change player and restart battle.
  9. Team composition altering (adding/changing players) after registration is NOT allowed.
  10. All other rules are stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In any questionable situation tournament rules have top priority.
  11. For abusive, disrespectful behavior - objectionable remarks against the other teams, administration, streamers, or commentators - warning is given to the player. If player will get two warnings - he will be banned from tournament, and all further battles team will play without that player.
  12. Server location is determined by administration aiming for equal conditions for both team.
  13. Ships equipped - from 1 to 4 ships.
  14. Teams from different corporations are ALLOWED.
  15. Administration decisions in any disputable/questionable situation are final.
  16. Teams and players who have deserted from tournaments/events after being registered and respective registration have ended are allowed to take part in this tournament only by administration decision.

Registration form:

  1. Team name
  2. Team captain.
  3. Team line-up: 8 pilots (captain included) + reserve up to 4 pilots.

Registration is here!

Rewards for winners:
1 place - 200 Xenocrystals for each pilot
2 place - 150 Xenocrystals for each pilot
3 place - 100 Xenocrystals for each pilot 

For being top team in group each team member receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals.

For each stage won in play-off each team member receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals.

Each pilot selected into “Tournament dream-team” receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals. “Tournament dream-team” is assembled by game administration (Doombot, Lezort and CinnamonFake).

Each pilot selected into “Tournament breakthrough-team” receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals. “Tournament breakthrough-team” is assembled by tournament administration (Mzhelskii, Fedman47).

[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32557-fan-tournaments-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=393496)

First 10 teams registered and taking part in tournament will receive special bonus - 10 Monocrystals to each pilot after the tournament.

Hot news: All pilots in team receive 10 Xenocrystals for each kill in tournament.


Tournament “Old School" T4


Saturday, March 18, 16:00 UTC


The Final Day starts with battle between “Yablo4niy Persik” and “Healer and 7 drones”.





1/2 Finals

Match for the Third Place 

Grand Finale