Tournament "Galactic Summer"


Pilots! We invite you to take part in the summer tournament - “Galactic Summer”



Article 1. Tournament information:

1.1 “Galactic Summer” is a team tournament of the “8 vs 8” format

1.2 The tournament is held by the game administration and the judicial staff

1.3. Important dates:

  • 05.08 at 21:00 MSK - end of registration for the tournament
  • 05.08 - the draw and publication of the tournament grid.

Time of the battles:

  • Qualifiers and quarterfinals:
    • 07.08 from 19:00 to 23:00 MSK
    • 08.08 from 19:00 to 23:00 MSK
  • Semifinals and finals:
    • If the amount of teams is less than 18,
    • 14.08 from 19:00 to 22:00 MSK
  • If the amount of teams is more than 18,
    • 14.08 from 19:00 to 22:00 MSK
    • 15.08 from 19:00 to 22:00 MSK

Article 2. Registration.

2.1 Registration takes place in a separate topic

2.2 The registration indicates:

  • Team name
  • Team logo (optional)
  • Team captain
  • Captain’s assistant
  • 8 players of the main squad (including captain and assistant)
  • 2 players in reserve

2.3 One player can only be registered in one team

2.4 It is prohibited to participate in the tournament with more than one account.

2.5. Requirements for the name and emblem:


  • The name and emblem of the team should not violate the rules of Chapter 2 “NICKNAMES AND CORPORATION NAMES” of the game rules.
  • The team name can be written only with Cyrillic or Latin symbols.
  • The length of the name is limited to 20 characters (including spaces).
  • The team name must be “readable” and understandable for everyone who tries to read it.


Article 3. Tournament system.

3.1 Tournament system - Double Elimination (up to two defeats), the grand final is played in one meeting. Each meeting takes place in “best of 3” format. The meeting consists of several maps. Points are rewarded per map as follows:

  • Victory on the map 1 point
  • Defeat on the map 0 points
  • Draw 0 points

In case of a draw, the next map is chosen by the judges at random.

In case of a draw in the meeting (the same score after 3 maps), “Abandoned complex” is played in “best of 1” format and in “team battle” mode.


3.3 Battles take place in the “8 vs 8” format .

3.4 Allowed modes:

3.4.1. “Beacon Capture”

3.4.2. “Team Battle” (only in case of a draw) Maps:

  • Pandora Anomaly
  • Ancient ruins
  • Threshold
  • Eastern Mining Station
  • Energy source
  • Ice Reef
  • Lava spines
  • Dreadnought debris
  • Northern Mining Station
  • Destroyed Station
  • Devil’s Jaw
  • Monolith ruins

3.5 The choice of respawn for single-match battles is as follows - the “right” respawn is given to the team that is higher in the tournament grid when a lobby is created. At the end of the battle, the respawn is changed. The map does not change. 

once, and that team is automatically defeated in the current encounter. 

3.6 Games will be played on RU, EU, US servers

    3.6.1 Teams may declare about the server on which they wish to play before creating a lobby.

    3.6.2. If teams can not agree on the choice of server, then:

  • The organizer sets the server EU, provided one team chooses the RU server, and the other - US.
  • The organizer sets the EU server, if one team chooses the EU server, and the other team chooses the US server. 
  • If one team has requested the RU server, and the other - the EU, then the servers alternate in the first two battles. The first is RU, the second is EU. The third battle server is chosen based on the wishes of the team that was defeated in the first battle.

3.7 The map of the first match is chosen randomly through the randomizer. If the organizer conducts battles on all maps, they are shuffled again.

3.8 The map is created by the judges or it is delegated.

3.9 All claims regarding the parameters of the map must be submitted before the start of the battle or in the first 20 seconds of the battle. In the event that the map was created with violations, but the claims were not submitted in time, the match results are considered correct.

3.10 The schedule of games and the time of battles for each team is published on the day of the battles in the special tournament topic on the forum.

3.11 The presence of unauthorized persons as spectators is possible only with the consent of the referees and team captains.

3.12 Restrictions on ships and modules:

    3.13.1 Ships:

  • Ships of rank 10-15 purchased for credits are allowed
  • The following assembled ships of rank 15 are allowed: Mjolnir, Cyning, Kraken, Ronin, Caltrop, Saw One, Peregrine, Jaguar, Octopus.
  • The installation of slots on assembled ships is at the discretion of the participants.

    3.13.2 Equipment:

List of the allowed weapons:

  • Pulse Laser
  • Shrapnel Cannon
  • Kinetic Supercharger
  • Plasma Gun
  • RF blaster
  • Ion Emitter
  • Gravi-Beamer
  • Assault Railgun
  • Gauss Сannon
  • Singularity Cannon
  • Beam Cannon
  • Heavy Blaster
  • “Eclipse” launcher
  • Positron Cannon
  • Coil mortar

List of allowed active modules and modifiers:

  • Multipurpose
    • Shield Booster S
    • Shield Booster M
    • Shield Booster L
    • Pirate Shield Booster
    • Repair Kit S
    • Repair Kit M
    • Repair Kit L
    • Multiphase shield adapter
    • Pirate multiphase shield adapter
    • Nanocomposite coating
    • IR Flares
  • Exploration
    • Phase Modulator
    • Spy Drones Container
    • Parasitic remodulator
    • Micro-locator
  • ECM
    • Ion DIffuser
    • Energy absorber
    • Stasis generator
    • Weapon system inhibitor
    • System hack
  • Covert ops:
    • “Orion” targeting complex
    • Pirate “Orion” targeting complex
    • Plasma arc
    • Adaptive camo
    • Reactor overload
    • “White Noise” jammer
  • Gunship:
    • Aiming overcharge
    • Combat reboot
    • Particle purge
    • Engine overcharge
    • Pirate engine overcharge
  • Command:
    • “Valkyrie” system
    • “Aegis” system
    • Coating polarizer
    • Gravi-scanner
  • Tackler:
    • Target Painter
    • Guard drone
    • Heavy guard drone
    • Engine suppressor
    • Inhibitor beam
  • Engineer:
    • Mass shield generator
    • Pirate Mass shield generator
    • Nanodrone cloud
    • Energy emitter
    • Warp gate
    • Autonomous charging station
    • Autonomous repair station
    • Static barrier
  • Cover:
    • Missile shield
    • Pulsar
    • Liquid metal injector
    • Emergency shield boost
    • Mass propulsion inhibitor
    • Signature masking
  • Long-range:
    • Weapon overcharge
    • Tachyon charge
    • IR Pulsar
    • EM scattering field
    • Reverse thruster
  • Engine:
    • Collision compensator
    • Inertial stabilizer
    • Vernier engines
    • Catalyst injector
    • Tetroxide injector
    • Auxiliary generator
    • Shared cooler
  • Capacitor :
    • Iridium heatsink
    • Emergency barrier
    • Acceleration coils
    • Leak stabilizer
    • Voltage regulator
    • Pulse discharger
    • Multiphase generator
    • Capacitor power relay
    • Power unit conduit
  • Shield:
    • Energy recuperation system
    • Thermal modulator
    • EM-diffuser
    • Variative shield projector
    • Auxiliary shield projector
    • Asynchronous shield projector
    • Shield splitter
    • Adaptive shield
    • Compact shield generator
    • Submatter shield
  • Hull:
    • Thermal insulator
    • EM-insulation
    • Reactive armor
    • Improved missile pylons
    • Reinforced beams
    • Armor - plated hull
    • Regenerative coating
    • Lightweight hull
    • Galvanized armor
    • Passive armor
  • Computer:
    • Electronic guidance
    • “Horizon” module
    • Proton wall
    • Enhanced scanner
    • Overclocked CPU
    • Target tracking coprocessor
    • Infrared scanner
  • List of forbidden missiles and drones:
    • “Doomsday” missile
    • Tactical nuke
    • Repair missiles
    • Inhibitor missiles
    • Cluster rockets
    • Anomaly torpedo
    • Death Star
    • Anchor mine
    • Magnetic mine
    • Crystal drone
  • List of forbidden special modules:
    • Sword’s diffusion shield

3.14 Damage to allies is disabled.

Article 4. Controversial moments and refereeing during the tournament.

4.1 The organization and refereeing of each individual match is carried out by the match referee. The match referee makes decisions in accordance with the provisions of the following Regulations and brings them to the attention of the teams.

4.2 The decision in disputable situations is made by the referee based on the rules.

4.3 On the part of the team, communication on the organization of matches and controversial situations is carried out exclusively by the captain and assistant.

4.4 In case of crashes or other technical problems, the battle is replayed only if no more than 30 seconds have passed since the start of the game. In this case, the team captain must report the problem in the chat room. Otherwise, the battle does not stop.

Communication with the referee

  • The channels of communication with the referees when organizing matches are the PM of the official forum, personal messages in the game and personal communication
  • The referee is not obliged to react to the messages of the team players (other than the captain).
  • The referee is not obliged to react to messages transmitted through the communication channels not described above.
  • The referee is not obliged to respond to messages that are flood or spam.
  • The appeal to the referee must be strictly regarding the case, supported by all the accompanying information.


4.5 In case of crashes or other technical problems, the fight is replayed only if no more than 45 seconds have passed since the start of the game. In this case, the team captain must report the problem in the chat room. Otherwise, the fight does not stop. If the captain or assistant for some reason cannot report a problem, any team member can do it, regardless of the rule

Article 5. Lodging a protest and communicating with the administrative team.

5.1 Match results may be revised in case of rules violation.

5.2 If there is no protest submitted on the forum 7 minutes after the publication of the match results, the battle result is considered final and cannot be disputed.

5.3 When submitting a protest, the team captain must provide the match referee with information and evidence via official communication channels no later than 7 minutes after the announcement of the battle results.

5.4 Decisions on disputable situations are made by the match referee. The referee is obliged to inform the captains of both teams about his decision through a personal message in the game client.

5.5 The decision on the disputable situation made by the match referee is final and is not a subject to discussion.

Article 6. Technical defeat.

6.1 If one of the teams fails to appear for the match, as well as in other cases stipulated by the Tournament regulations or in case of violation of the rules of the game, the team may be credited a technical defeat.

6.2 The team captain or his appointed assistant confirms the readiness of the team.

6.3 The captain or assistant may appoint a player to be responsible for team readiness (for one match only)

6.4 In case a team is late for more than 10 minutes from the moment the captain or team mate is invited to the game lobby, it is considered a failure to appear.

6.5 Gathering team members for more than 10 minutes for a match can be punished with a technical defeat.

Article 7. Coverage of the matches

7.1 It is allowed to broadcast matches from the first person by players.

7.2 The administration can broadcast the matches of individual teams by connecting to the selected game in spectator mode.

7.3 To exclude the possibility of unfair play in matches that are held online, the video broadcast of tournament matches is delayed for at least 30 seconds.

7.4 The referees of the match have the right to request the re-creation of the lobby before the start of the round of the match, if necessary.

7.5 All matches are played with live video broadcasting.

Article 8. Responsibilities of the players.

8.1 Players are obliged to comply with the rules of the Star Conflict game.

8.2 Players are required to comply with the following regulations.

8.3 Players must comply with the [General Rules for esports events](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/40686-general-rules-of-esports-events/)

8.4 By participating in the tournament, the player agrees with the rules and is obliged to check their changes.

Article 9. Administrative group

9.1 The administrative group consists of the main referee, referees and streamers:

Xoma69, RIGEL, SeraX, VectorArmad, ORIGIN, Arhipups, ComwpODG, gtnz

9.2 The chief referee is the game administration

9.3 Referees are responsible for:

     9.3.1 Creating Tournament lobbies

     9.3.2 Control of the match battle

    9.3.3 Posting match results on the forum

    9.3.4 Resolving controversial moments of the match.

9.4 Streamers and commentators provide match coverage

Article 10. Disqualification and limitations for non-compliance with the regulations.

For the presence of ships and equipment in slots that are not mentioned in the regulations, the following penalties will be applied:

In case a participant violates the regulations of the team tournament, the following measures are applied:

  • The team is declared defeated in the current meeting, the participant who violated the rules is disqualified until the end of the tournament.
  • The violator receives a reward only for participation.

In case of violation of the regulations of the team tournament represented by two or more participants, the following measures are applied:

  • If the first meeting of the current team is played, it is completely disqualified and does not receive any rewards.
  • If the second and further meetings are played - the team is disqualified, receiving only rewards for participation.
  • Violators do not receive rewards.

Article 11. Prize fund and rewards

The designated reward is divided equally among all team members

The player can refuse any of his rewards in favor of another member of his team. If players already have the rewards from the list, no replacements are made!

The information about the rewards, selected by the team members is announced by the team members themselves

or RIGEL via private messages on the forum

1st place

  • Star Conflict Souvenir Mouse Pad - 10 pcs.


Скрытый текст



  • 100000 GS
  • Paint “Sea of harmony” - 10 pieces


Скрытый текст



  • Paint “Ocean” - 10 pcs.


Скрытый текст



  • Any ship of choice (Except for Emperor) - 10 pcs.
  • Unique decor “Galactic Summer Cup” - 10 pcs.


Скрытый текст

izobrazhenie (7).png

  • Any weapon of choice, including tournament ones - 10 pcs.
  • Champion’s converter - 10 pcs.
  • Title “Chiller” - 10 pcs.
  • Command sticker*

2nd place

  • 80000 gs
  • Paint “Summer breeze” - 10 pcs.


Скрытый текст


  • Paint “Ocean” - 10 pcs.


Скрытый текст


  • Any ship of choice (Except for Emperor) - 10 pcs.
  • Any weapon of choice, including tournament ones - 10 pcs.
  • Title “DJ” - 10 pcs.
  • Command sticker*

3rd place

  • 60000 gs
  • Paint “Heavenly Pyramids” - 10 pcs.


Скрытый текст


  • Paint “Ocean” - 10 pcs.


Скрытый текст


  • Any ship of your choice (except for DLC, Ellidium ships, Tornado, Custodian) - 10 pcs.
  • Any weapon of choice, including tournament ones - 10 pcs.
  • Title “Party animal” - 10 pcs.
  • Command sticker*


All participants of tournament (the reward is personal, not for the team) are given:
  • Insignia - 200 pcs.
  • Title “Lord of the Summer”
  • Color “Matte ultraviolet”


Скрытый текст


  • 2000 GS

The reward for participation is given if at least one meeting is played before the end of the tournament.

For reaching the third round of the grid, the team additionally receives:

  • 20000 gs
  • 2000 insignia

For reaching the fourth round of the grid, the team additionally receives:

  • 20000 gs
  • A paint worth up to 30 points from the judicial staff store of choice
  • 2000 insignia

For reaching the fifth round of the grid, the team additionally receives:

  • 40000 gs
  • Paint “Furious conflict”


Скрытый текст

Уникальные вещи и краски, изображение №19

  • Title “Charmer”
  • 2000 insignia


Players receive a reward only if at least one battle is played. Otherwise, the reward is given to the only for participation.


*The sticker is sent by the teams themselves. The process of accepting and adding a sticker to the game consists of a copyright check and confirmation by the artists to add this material to the game. In case of refusal to add the provided material, the team has the right to correct this material or replace the sticker independently. Requirements for the format of the sticker image will be sent to the captains when the tournament is completed. One team can only offer one sticker.


All rewards will be issued on or after September 2, 2021. Until then, the tournament administration team will conduct additional checks for additional violations. In case of violations, the sanctions will be applied to the teams.

1 hour ago, Sshedi said:

1 players in reserve

:(, pls allow more reserve.

why no dev points for 1-3 places?

20 hours ago, Johnnynator1 said:

:(, pls allow more reserve.

It’s not very cool when a stock gets a reward without having played once.

Is combat recon mode allowed? It is not listed in the allowed modes (section 3.4), but rules for it are listed in section 3.6

3 hours ago, Sshedi said:

It’s not very cool when a stock gets a reward without having played once.

We had often enough the problem, that 2-3 people could not play during all matches. Only a single reserve is harsh.

The fact that it is split over 2 weekends  (and only announced 2 weeks earlier) doesn’t make it easier to plan for it.

7 hours ago, TheAdamBomb_126 said:

Is combat recon mode allowed? It is not listed in the allowed modes (section 3.4), but rules for it are listed in section 3.6

Oh. we looked at this moment from the last tournament, now we have removed it.

Important changes in the regulations!


  • The number of spare parts has been increased to 2 people.
  • The total prize pool has been increased based on the increased number of participants in the team
  • Reserve players will receive a reward only if at least one game is played. Otherwise, the spare ones will receive a reward only for participation.
  • It is precisely spelled out what modes and when they will be:
    • The first two games of the meeting are the “capture of beacons” mode on a random map.
    • The third fight in case of a draw is “Team Battle” on the map " Abandoned complex"
  • It is prescribed which pirated modules can be used.

I never play in tournaments because I have to refit ships… If the game did something like survival mode were the game supplied the ships I would reconsider. Gold has little value since you can no longer buy new ships with gold. All the new ships have been these monotonous 80 day or so quest. 

I dont think limiting the modules and ships allowed have any positive effect on the experience. In fact I so salty about the limits it isn’t even funny. Limits on the credits, seed ships, materials experience and so on. its all juts wrong.

I’m avaliable as reserve for wining team. 

The grid of the Galactic Summer tournament.


Battle schedule:

Team 1

Room 1: 16:00-16:40

Room 3: 16:50-17:30

Room 5: 17:40-18:20

Room 7: 18:30-19:10

Room 9: 19:20-20:00

Team 2

Room 2: 16:00-16:40

Room 4: 16:50-17:30

Room 6: 17:40-18:20

Room 8: 18:30-19:10

Room 10: 19:20-20:00

The time is specified in GMT format

Online Tournament grid

The schedule of games.

Pay attention to the order of the rooms! The final is being played today!


Room 1

Meeting 11: 16:00-16:30

Meeting 13: 16:35-17:05

Meeting 15: 17:10-17:40

Meeting 17: 17:45:18:15

Meeting 20: 18:20-18:50


Room 2

Meeting 12: 16:15-16:45

Meeting 14: 16:50-17:20

Meeting 16: 17:25-17:55

Meeting 18: 18:00-18:30

Meeting 19 18:35-19:05



Meeting 21: 19:10-19:40

Meeting 22: 19:45-20:15



1st place - Lamento el torpedo

2nd place - TerraLux

3rd place - Дроны

Congratulations to the winners and all participants on the completion of the Galactic Summer tournament!

To receive optional awards, please contact Xoma69 and RIGEL players via ingame message. To receive the award for the 1st place please contact Sshedi.