Tournament Brutal disconect

Hi there,

Already reported and already got a fix about it but it seem that it still occure at least from what i saw.

What happen?

–>battle is about to start we are in loading screen for the last battle

–>but there come the bug all my group and my self get stuck in a infinite loading

–>then come the disconection

–>unable to get back in to battle error time out

–>so we wait till the battle end but when it come none of us get a reward( we get only 1 win so 50 gs)

–>so we just lost our small reward

if log is needed:



We had slowmo fight. RoF, movement was slowed down, invisibility not working at all… Got it on video, will post tomorrow. Similar to SpecOps slowdown.

Yea happen a lot in spec ops 

Server was down, too heavy CPU loading

1 hour ago, Skula1975 said:

Server was down, too heavy CPU loading

It’s time to upgrade, then.