Tournament, bad queue, 3rd match not joined.



We were on a 6 pilots wing from [GEN], with two more pilots, and we won 2 of the 3 matches, but in the end we were waiting for the 3rd… for no avail. At last, the message “TOURNAMENT IS OVER” was shown, and we couldn’t fight the last one.


This is a screenshot showing the end of the Tournament.


Meanwhile, the clock was saying: “10 minutes until the end of the tournament”, so we thought we were going to enter the last match. But at our TS channel there were other people fighting that last one in other groups or in solitary.


Please, check the matchmaking progress, so this shouldn’t occur again. (Because this happened before!)


Thanks in advance!

And keep the good work…

Here is the link to the same issue:

I linked this up in due to the issue being caused by the server rather than the client.